Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Marauder's Way

I made my way to Fort Aleesia in good time, making it there by first light. I scouted the Fort from the road and could see a Dunmer archer they had posted outside the door. I knew I couldn't get inside without killing him, so I said a short prayer, drew my sword and charged him. Luckily enough, I was on him before he could get an arrow nocked and slew him with a single stroke of my blade.

As I entered the Fort I was amazed at how people could live in a place like this. It was dark and damp, with cobwebs hanging from the ceiling. A dank odor filled the air, and it hinted of decaying bodies and leather.

I checked my equipment and set forth into the darkness, for I dare not light a torch in this place. I noticed at once that the Marauder Warlord spread his regiment of bandits throughout the fort, in patrols of one or two people. I had to work my way to the Warlord by systematically killing as I go along.

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Beginning

My name is Arkandal, I'm an Imperial born in a small nameless village in the Colovian Highlands that has long since burned down. I am a Sworn Sword of the Nine Divines, and have been appointed to a village named Pell's Gate a off Red Ring road a short trip from the Imperial City to help defend the people from the occasional marauder attack from Fort Alessia.