Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Marauder's Way

I made my way to Fort Aleesia in good time, making it there by first light. I scouted the Fort from the road and could see a Dunmer archer they had posted outside the door. I knew I couldn't get inside without killing him, so I said a short prayer, drew my sword and charged him. Luckily enough, I was on him before he could get an arrow nocked and slew him with a single stroke of my blade.

As I entered the Fort I was amazed at how people could live in a place like this. It was dark and damp, with cobwebs hanging from the ceiling. A dank odor filled the air, and it hinted of decaying bodies and leather.

I checked my equipment and set forth into the darkness, for I dare not light a torch in this place. I noticed at once that the Marauder Warlord spread his regiment of bandits throughout the fort, in patrols of one or two people. I had to work my way to the Warlord by systematically killing as I go along.

When I reached the solar of the fort, I was near exhaustion, and my shield was in major disrepair. I had cut down more than ten bandits to reach this place, and none of them went down easily. I sat on a nearby crate to rest and mend my shield as best I could, to better prepare myself for the upcoming fight. I prayed to the Nine for support and stood, because I knew it was time.

I entered the Warlord's chambers with my sword drawn and my shield raised, weary for any tricks. He was clad in full iron armor, with a wicked looking sword in his hands. He had his back turned to me as I entered, but quickly noticed me before I could move much further into the room.

I saluted him with my blade, and ran at him. We met in the center of the room and began a wicked dance of iron and flesh. He was a trained swordsman, that much was obvious, he had a soldier's look about him, I could easily imagine him in Imperial armor. After a few blows back and forth, my shield was barely hanging from my arm, and out blades where locked together in a fierce struggle pushing back and forth. I headbutted him, and as he stumbled back I drove my sword down into the base of his neck. He dropped to his knees and fell to his side, facing the wall, his life's blood pulsing out of his body less and less as he slowly died.

I left him there, dead, and headed towards Bravil. I plan to claim the bounty on the Marauders and I'm going to purchase new equipment.

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