Friday, October 7, 2011

The Beginning

My name is Arkandal, I'm an Imperial born in a small nameless village in the Colovian Highlands that has long since burned down. I am a Sworn Sword of the Nine Divines, and have been appointed to a village named Pell's Gate a off Red Ring road a short trip from the Imperial City to help defend the people from the occasional marauder attack from Fort Alessia. 

I realize that I am getting old for a fighter ( twenty and seven years this past summer! ) and I have been thinking and have decided that I would like to wander the realm in search of adventure, treasure, or even fame if it comes along. After speaking with the Elder Council about this, they decided to let Elder Greeva, the wizened old Khajiit who brought me into the Sworn Swords. He said that I may take this pilgrimage across the land, but I must keep this journal to log my adventures, and I must help the weak and defend the commoners all in the name of the Nine. 

After writing this entry I plan to sleep until Third Watch (3:00AM) and set out into the night. I plan on clearing Fort Aleesia of it's marauder infestation to better help the people of Pell's Gate, then I will go wherever my feet will take me. My fellow men-at-arms say taking on the entire Fort of marauders is suicide, but I disagree, with the power of the Nine behind my blade, I can defeat any enemy. 

"... I plan to sleep until Third Watch (3:00AM) and set out into the night"

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